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person detail
49 years;
marital status:Married
parishSt. Sepulchre, 21 years
spouse's firstMargaret
remarks:Father of Margaret Heed.
named cases
1494-03-04:Defamation: John Fern  c.  Henry Heed 

named depositions
1488-06-17:Witness for Plaintiff in William Hawkyns  c.  Margaret Heed 
Testifies to having witnessed a future contract between William Hawkyns and his daughter Margaret Heed, 31 May 1488. Testifies that Margaret had gifts which Hawkyns had given to her after the contract, and that it was widely reputed in the parish that they were married. Asked whether he had compelled her, he said he had told her that she would not thrive if she did not marry Hawkyns.