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29 years;
marital status:Married
parishSt. Sepulchre, 29 years
spouse's firstHenry
remarks:This Margaret is likely the stepmother of the defendant in the case, also named Margaret Heed. Although she says she has known the younger Margaret from the time of her birth, it is likely that the witness is the defendant’s stepmother rather than birth mother, judging by the witness’s age of twenty-nine. Although it is possible that she could have a daughter of marriageable age, it is unlikely, even given relatively early marriage ages for daughters of the merchant elite. It would also have been usual for the record to have indicated specifically that she was the party’s mother.
named cases
no cases

named depositions
1488-06-17:Witness for Plaintiff in William Hawkyns  c.  Margaret Heed 
Testifies to having witnessed a future contract between William Hawkyns and her stepdaughter Margaret Heed on 31 May 1488. Testifies that Margaret Heed subsequently received gifts from Hawkyns, and that it was widely reputed in the parish that they were married. Testifies on the one hand that her husband Henry Heed had told Margaret that she must choose her own husband, at which time she confirmed that she wanted to marry Hawkyns, but on the other hand that he had beaten Margaret when she later said she would never marry Hawkyns.