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49 years;
marital status:Unknown
parishBarking, Essex, 40 years
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no cases

named depositions
1487-07-28:Witness for Plaintiff in Richard Crocheman  c.  William Baldewyn 
Testifies that he was present about six weeks before when, in the company of Thomas Broke and himself, William Baldewyn defamed Richard Crocheman by calling him a thief; when told to be careful before making such accusations, Baldewyn responded saying he would prove Crocheman was a thief. Testifies that he repeated his accusation two weeks later in the presence of John Frost, William Clerk, Thomas Broker the Elder, and Thomas Broker the Younger. Testifies that Baldewyn also frequently repeated these words while eating and drinking, and that Crocheman`s reputation fell as a result.