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unknown age;
marital status:At Issue
occupation:[Keeper of the King's Wardrobe]
spouse's first
remarks:On Curtes, see Josiah C. Wedgwood, History of Parliament, 1439-1509, 2 vols. (London: HMSO, 1936-38), 2:244-45 (although this account of his life has a number of errors); and, much more complete and especially good on his service in the Wardrobe, Anne F. Sutton and P. W. Hammond, The Coronation of Richard III: The Extant Documents (Gloucester: Alan Sutton, 1984), 327-28. Neither of these sources, however, takes into account the marriage suit here. Piers Curtes appears to have been involved in serious marriage negotiations in 1463 with a woman named Alice Russell (Chris Given-Wilson, et al., eds., The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, CD-ROM (Leicester: Scholarly Digital Editions, 2005) [hereafter PROME], 5:517, 536, 592, 610), but possibly the marriage deal foundered or she died (Calendar of the Patent Rolls… 1467-77, 66). I have found no evidence that he married any one else before the marriage(s) at issue in the litigation here.
named cases
1488-01-19:Marriage: Margaret Niter, Agnes Skern  c.  Piers Curtes 

named depositions
1488-01-26:Response of Defendant in Margaret Niter, Agnes Skern  c.  Piers Curtes 
Admits to marriage contract with Margaret Niter in Niter`s father`s house, about 14 September 1486, and to marriage contract with Agnes Skern, first in the presence of Ann Frisell and Beatrice Soughton about 9 October 1487, and then again in the presence of the Earl of Oxford, his wife, James Blount, William Noris, Philip Lewis, and others.