arrowcase: Joan Munden  c. John Fynke    p-link   Results Format: Summary Full

case detail
date2 May, 5 June 1493
competitor suit
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065: 147v, 149r-150v
1493-05-02: John Fynke, Response of Defendant
Admits to having had sex with Joan Munden for money, because she was a whore, and to having fathered her child, but denies marriage contract.

1493-06-05: John Munden, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that he heard John Fynk many times acknowledge his marriage contract with Joan Munden, the witness`s sister. Indicates that another man, a “knave,” had previously been entangled with her.

1493-06-05: Richard Munden, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies to hearsay about John Fynk`s intention to marry Joan Munden, the witness`s daughter. Implies questions of a possible previous contract with William Fulborn.

1493-06-05: Richard Chaundeler, Unknown
Deposition cuts off.

1493-06-05: Unknown Unknown 1, Witness for Plaintiff
Testifies that he heard about the gifts John Fynke gave to Joan Munden, and that many within the parish of Walthamstow and neighbouring parishes know about it. The beginning of the deposition is missing.