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#82: Alice Billingham  c.  John (or Thomas) Wellis  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1488-03-26
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 7r
summaryTestifies that on 24 June 1487 Beatrice Thomson told her she would try to impede the marriage between Thomson`s servant John/Thomas Wellis and Alice Billingham.
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placenamesLondon - St. Martin Ludgate 
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On behalf of Alice Billingham c. John Wellis

26 March, by [?Malet] in my, Spencer`s, [presence]

Agnes Bullok of the parish of St. Martin Ludgate, London, where she has lived for two [years], of free condition, forty years old, as she says. Inducted as a witness etc., she says that she has known Alice Billingham for a year and a half and more, and John Wellis she does not know. Questioned further about and on the contents in the libel, she says that knows only that on a certain day around and after the feast of St. John the Baptist[1] last past, which day she cannot otherwise specify, this witness was present in the house of John Fort within the parish of St. Dunstan in the West, London, together with Agnes Weston and Beatrice Thomson, where and when, after noon on that day, Beatrice Thomson said to this witness, "Do you know Alice Billingham?" And this witness said yes, and Beatrice said, "I have made marriage between a young man that was my servant and her, and I shall bring it as far backward as ever I brought it forward." And otherwise she knows nothing concerning the contents in the libel except from what she has heard from others, as she says.
Ex parte Alicie Billingham contra Johannem Wellis

xxvi Ma[rcii] per [?Malet] in [presencia] mei Spencer

Agnes Bullok de parrochia sancti Martini infra Ludgate London, ubi moram traxit per duos [annos], libere condicionis, xlta annorum etatis ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Aliciam Billingham per annum cum dimmidio et amplius bene novit, Johannem Wellis non novit ut dicit. Ulterius interrogata de et super contentis in dicto libello, dicit se tantum scire videlicet quod quodam die contin[genti] circiter festum sancti Johannis Baptiste ultimum preteritum et citra post idem festum quem diem aliter nescit s[peci]ficare, presens fuit ista jurata in domo Johannis Fort infra parrochia sancti Dunstani in Occidentali London, una cum Agnete Weston et Beatrice Thomson, ubi et quando post meridiem e[iusdem] diei Beatrix Thomson antedicta dixit huic jurata, "Novisti ne Aliciam Billingham?" Et ista jurata respondente quod sic, dixit eadem Beatrix, "I have made mariage betwene a yong man that was my servaunt and h[er] and I shal bring hit as fer backward as evir I brought hit forward." Et aliter ad contenta in dicto libello nescit deponere nisi de auditu aliorum ut dicit.
[1] 24 June