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#86: Thomas Byrch  c.  Elizabeth Barker  - Response of Plaintiff, 1488-04-17
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 9v-10r
summaryAdmits that when summoner Stephen Folton tried to cite him to appear in the Consistory, he challenged Folton`s credentials and demanded to see the citation, trying to grab it from Folton and they struggled over the document. Folton then gave him the citation, which he in turn had copied by John Coke; when Coke later asked him to produce the original, he did not have it with him and so could not.
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placenamesLondon - St. Anthony`s Hospital 
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17 April 1488, in the Consistory of London, before the lord Official, in my, Richard Spencer`s, presence

Responses personally made by Thomas Byrch

Thomas Byrch, sworn etc. on the interrogatories etc. To the first and second interrogatories, he admits their contents and says that on the feast of the Annunciation of the blessed Mary[1] last past, Stephen Folton, having certain folded letters in his hand, cited this witness in a certain lane next to the hospital of the College of St. Anthony, to appear before the Official of London, for which day he does not recall, in the presence of Sir Gilbert, Sir John Philip, a certain man named Turvey, and others. To the third interrogatory, he responds negatively to all its contents. To the fourth interrogatory, he says that after the citation of this witness, this witness immediately said, "Who made thee a summoner? Let me see thine authority, if it be lawful I will obey it." And because Stephen refused to give him the citation, this witness, saying "I will see it and thee no leave," put his hand on the citation to take it away from him, Stephen holding on to the citation, and they pulled back and forth until the seal was twisted, folded, and broken, and thus this witness grabbed the citation from him, the two still tugging back and forth, and this witness said, "Let me see, it if it be lawful I will obey it." And thus Stephen gave this witness the citation and after he had seen it, he said that he would obey it, and he asked for a copy of the same citation, and he gave it back to Stephen, who gave it to John Coke to write a copy. On that same day John gave this witness the original citation and since then he has had it in his custody and has it at present. And he responds negatively to its other contents. To the fifth interrogatory, he says that after the execution of the citation, John Coke in the name of the mandatory requested this witness to give him back the citation, and this witness said to him that he did not have the citation with him to give him right away. Who was there present he does not now recall. To the sixth interrogatory, he says as he said above, and to its other contents he responds negatively.
xvii die Aprilis, in Consistorio London, [cor]am domino officiali in [prese]ncia mei Ricardi Spencer

Responsiones personaliter facte per Thomam Byrch

Thomas Byrch juratus et cetera super interrogatoribus et cetera. Ad primum et secundum interrogatoria fatetur contenta in eisdem et dicit quod in festo annunciacionis beate Marie Virginis ultimo preterito dictus Stephanus Folton habens quasdam litteras plicatas in manu citavit istum juratum in quadam venella prope hospitalem Collegii sancti Antonii ad comparendum ut credit coram domino Officiali London, quo die non recolit, prestentibus domino Gilberto, domino Johanne Philip, quodam cognominato Turvey et aliis. Ad iii interrogatorium, respondet negative ad singula contenta in eodem. Ad iiiitum interrogatorium dicit quod post citacionem huic jurato factam iste juratus incontinenter dixit, "Who made the a sumnour? Let me se thyne autorite, and it be lawful I wil obey it." Et quia dictus Stephanus dictam citacionem huic jurato tradere recusavit, iste juratus, dicens "I wil se it and the no leve," apposuit manum suam ad dictam citacionem [et] voluit eam attrahere ad se, dicto Stephano retrahente dictam citacionem et in tractu et retractu inter eosdem sigillum dicte citacionis erat volutum, complicatum, et fractum et sic iste juratus surripuit huiusmodi citacionem a se adhuc ipsis trahenti et retrahenti dixit "let me se it, if it be lawful I wil obey it." Et sic dictus Stephanus liberavit huic jurato dictam citacionem et postquam viderat eandem dixit quod vellet obedire et peciit copiam eiusdam citacionis et eandem citacionem reliberavit eidem Stephano qui tradidit dictam citacionem pro copia eiusdem scribenda Johanni Coke qui quid Johannes eodem die dictam citacionem originalem huic jurato tradidit et citra illam penes se custodivit et custodit in presenti. Et ad alia contenta in eodem respondet negative. [fol. 10r] Ad vtum interrogatorium, dicit quod post execucionem dicte citacionis, Johannes Coke nomine dicti mandatarii requisivit istum juratum ad retradendum sibi dictam citacionem et iste juratus dixit eidem quod non habuit eam citacionem super se in promptu deliverandam quibus tum tunc prestentibus non recolit i[ste] juratus ad presens. Ad vi interrogatorium dicit prout superius dixit. Et ad alia in eodem contenta respondet negative.
[1] 25 Mar.