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#87: Alice Billingham  c.  John (or Thomas) Wellis  - Response of Defendant, 1488-04-18
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 9r
summaryResponds that during the last two years, he and Alice Billingham spoke together eight times in the presence of Billingham`s mother, brother, and Robert Best.
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placenamesLondon - St. Bride Fleet Street  London - St. Sepulchre 
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Responses personally made by John Wellis 18 April, year of the Lord 1488, before Master Thomas Ian, Official.

John Wellis sworn etc. on the positions etc. To the first position, he says that within the last two years this witness and Alice both spoke together eight times, in the home of Richard Thomson and within the parish of St. Bride and in other places and once in the house of this witness`s mother within the parish of St. Sepulchre, at the request of Alice`s brother and in [the presence] at that time of this witness`s mother, Alice`s brother, and Robert Best. To the second position, he does not believe its contents to be true. To the third position, he says that he does not believe its contents [to be true]. To the fourth position, he believes what is believed and does not believe what is not believed. He does not believe the fame.
Responsiones personaliter facte per Johannem Wellis xviii die mensis Aprilis, Anno domini Millesimo CCCClxxxviii, coram Magistro Thoma Ian Officiali.

Johannes Wellis juratus et cetera super posicionibus et cetera. Ad primam posicionem dicit quod infra du[os] annos elapsos iste juratus et dicta Alicia communicaverunt octies tam in domo Ricardi Tomson quam [infra] parrochia sancte Brigide quam aliis locis et semel in domo matris istius j[urati] infra parrochia sancti Sepulcri ad rogatum fratris dicte Alicie et in [?presencia] adtunc matris istius jurati fratris dicte Alicie et Roberti Best. Ad secundam posicionem, non credit contenta in eadem esse vera. Ad iii posicionem, dicit quod non credit contenta in [....] Ad iiiitam posicionem, credit credita et non credit non credita. Famam non credit.