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#91: Alice Billingham  c.  John (or Thomas) Wellis  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1488-06-17
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 11r
summaryAgrees with previous witness, Robert Wild.
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placenamesLondon - St. Martin Ludgate 
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William Cole, servant of Robert Billingham the brother of Alice Billingham, of the parish of St. Martin Ludgate, London, with whom he has lived from the feast of Christmas two years and more ago, illiterate, of free condition, twenty years old as he says. Inducted as a witness etc., he says that he has known Alice Billingham for four years, and John Wellis for two and a half years. Questioned further, he agrees with Robert Wild examined above, except that he did not hear anyone saying, "yonder goeth Alice Billingham`s husband," as Robert deposed he had heard. To the first interrogatory, he says as he said above. And he responds negatively to its other contents. To the second interrogatory, he was asked by the wife of William Maryner and by Alice Billingham to give testimony of the truth, and not otherwise. To the third, fourth, and fifth interrogatories, he says as he said above. And he knows nothing regarding their other contents.Willelmus Cole serviens Roberti Billingham fratris Alicie Billingham, de parrochia sancti Martini Ludgate London, cum quo moram traxit a festo natalis domini ultimo preterito ad duos annos et amplius, illiteratus, libere condicionis, xx annorum etatis vel circiter ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Aliciam Billingham per iiii annos, Johannem Wellis per duos annos cum dimidio bene novit ut dicit. Ulterius interrogatus dicit et concordat cum Roberto Wild superius examinato, excepto quod non audivit aliquos dicentes, "Yender goth Alice Billinghams husbond," prout idem Robertus deposuit se auduisse. Ad primum interrogatorium, dicit prout superius dixit. Et ad alia contenta in eodem, respondet negative. Ad secundum interrogatorium, requisitus per uxorem Willelmi Maryner et Aliciam Billingham venit perhibiturus testimonium veritati et non aliter. Ad iii, iiii, et v interrogatoria, dicit prout superius dixit. Et aliter ad contenta in eisdem nescit deponere.