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#10: John Croke  c.  Agnes Hill  - Witness for Defendant, 1487-02-03
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 13r
summaryTestifies that he was present when Agnes Hill was cited to appear before Master Thomas Ian in St. Paul`s to answer a case brought by John Croke, and that he defamed John Croke by calling him a knave.
subjectsCitation to court  Contempt of church court 
placenamesLondon - Cheapside 
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Responses personally made by John Dawes, 3 February, in the home of the lord Official, by him, in my, Spencer`s, presence

John Dawes sworn etc. on the interrogatories etc. To the first and second interrogatories, he says that last Sunday a certain man whose name he does not know, in the public street near the aqueduct in Cheap,[1] cited Agnes Hill to appear before Master Thomas Ian in the church of St. Paul in London on the third day following, to respond to the matter between Croke and her. But at the time of this citation he [the summoner] did not show to Agnes any citatory order. There were present at the time of the citation this witness, Agnes, Lady Elizabeth Hill (Agnes`s mother), William Hill, James [blank], Sir Robert Harrison, Nicholas Lamberd, and a certain servant of the Lady Elizabeth named Margaret, and Elizabeth Hill[2], and none others as he recalls. And to the other contents he responds negatively. To the third and fourth interrogatories, he admits that after the execution of this citation and because of it this witness spoke the words contained in the third interrogatory, and after this witness called Croke a knave, because the mandatary[3] said thus, "that be too much for thy Master to say," this witness said, "I shall prove him a knave and he that saith the contrary I shall prove it on him."
Responsiones personaliter facte per Johannem Dawes, tercio die Februarii in domo domini officialis, per eundem, in presencia mei Spencer.

Johannes Dawes juratus et cetera super interrogatoriis et cetera. Ad primum et secundum interrogatoria, dicit quod die dominico ultimo preterito quidam vir cuius nomen ignorat in publica strata juxta [...gium] aqueductum in Chepe, citavit dictam Agnetem Hill ad comparendum coram Magistro Thoma Ian in ecclesia Pauli London tercio die extunc proximo sequente responsuram super materiis inter Croke et eam. Tamen tempore citacionis huiusmodi non ostendat eidem Agneti aliquod mandatum citatorium. Presentibus tempore citacionis huiusmodi isto jurato, dicta Agnete, domina Elisabeth Hil matre eiusdem Agnetis, Willelmo Hill, Jacobo [....] , domino Roberto Harrison, Nicholao Lamberd, et quadam serviente dicte domine Elisabeth nuncupata Margareta, necnon Elisabeth Hill et non pluribus ut recolit, et ad alia contenta in eadem respondet negative. Ad iii et iiiitum interrogatoria, fatetur quod post execucionem citacionis et occasione eiusdem iste juratus protulit verba in dicto iiio interrogatorio contenta et postquam iste juratus vocavit dictum Croke Knave pro eo quod prefatus mandatarius dixit sic "that be to much for thi Maister to sey," iste juratus dixit, "I shal preve hym a knave and he that seith the contrary I shal preve it on h[ym]."
[1] Cheapside, a street in London.

[2] Likely Agnes`s sister Elizabeth rather than a mistaken repetition of Agnes`s mother`s name (see CLBL, 238, 249).

[3] Court official who delivers the court`s orders or mandates; in this case, a summoner.