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#95: Office  c.  (no linked record)- Unknown, 1488-06-25
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 13r
summaryTestifies that on 5 June 1488 Mendham hired him and when they went to St. Botulph`s churchyard he joined in with the other men and they demolished the top part of the house.
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placenamesLondon - St. Botolph 
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25 June.

Thomas Godeale, examined, acknowledged and admitted that on the feast of Corpus Christi[1] last past, a certain Mendham sent for him to his house, and when he came there Mendam asked him if he would go with him and that he would be rewarded for his labour. And Thomas Godeale, indicating his willingness, left with Mendham and went to the cemetery of St. Botulph. There this witness saw many men dragging the cable[2] to bring it to the house, and this witness, at the order of Mendham, went over to those who were dragging it, and together with them he dragged the cable and with force they broke down the top part of the house, as he says.
xxv Junii.

Thomas Godeale examinatus confessus est et fatebatur quod in festo corporis Christi ultimo preterito quidam Mendam misit pro ipso ad domum suam ad quam cum venisset idem Mendam interrogavit eum an vellet secum ire et quod ipse retribueret sibi pro labore suo et ipso Thoma Godeale annuente voto suo exivit idem Mendam et accessit ad cimiterium ecclesie sancte Botulphi et ibidem vidit iste juratus plures viros trah[entes] ad quoddam cable ad diruendum eandem domum et tunc iste juratus ad mandatum dicti Mendam accessit ad eosdem sic trahentes et una cum eis traxit ad dictum cabel et superiorem partem eiusdem domus per vim prostraverunt ut dicit.
[1] I.e. 5 Jun 1488.

[2] Cable: could mean cable, a large rope; possibly could be capul or caple, a horse (OED, s.v. cable and caple).