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#100: Alice Billingham  c.  John (or Thomas) Wellis  - Witness for Defendant, 1488-07-12
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 15v
summaryAgrees with previous witness, her husband Richard Thomson, adding that Agnes Weston is reputed a liar and perjurer, and that Alice Billingham and John/Thomas Wellis agreed to be each other`s valentines.
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placenamesLondon - St. Dunstan in the West 
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Beatrice Thomson, wife of Richard Thomson, whose wife she has been for six years, of free condition, thirty-four or thirty-five years old or thereabouts, as she says. Inducted as a witness etc., she says that she has known Thomas [?John] Wellis for seven years, Alice Billingham for four years, Agnes Weston for nine years, and she does not know Robert Wild and William Cole by those names. To the first and second parts, she agrees with Richard Thomson, her husband examined above, adding that she says that Agnes is a woman of loose tongue and a great liar and that she was accustomed often to say one thing and affirm it by oath and immediately afterward deny what she had just said, as this witness knows, and is commonly taken and reputed as such. To the third part, she agrees with her husband examined above, adding that Alice asked Thomas thus, "Who is your valentine," and he answered, "you." And Alice responded, "Forsooth and ye be mine." And this changed, that this witness did not leave the house together with Thomas but she says that Richard her husband and Thomas left together. To the fourth part, she says as she said above. And otherwise she knows nothing concerning its contents. To the fifth, she agrees with her husband examined above.Beatrix Thomson uxor Ricardi Thomson cuius uxor fuit per vi annos ultimos preteritos, libere condicionis, xxxiiii vel xxxv annorum etatis vel circiter ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Thomam Wellis per vii annos, Aliciam Billingham per iiiior annos, Agnetem Weston per ix annos bene novit, Robertum Wild et Willelmum Cole per illa nomina non novit ut dicit. Ad primam et secundam partes dicit et concordat cum Ricardo Thomson eius marito superius examinato, hoc addito quod dicit quod dicta Agnes est mulier lubrice lingue et multum mendacis et quod solet sepe unum dicere et affirmare juramento et statim post illud quod prius affirmabat negare, de sciencia istius jurate, et pro tali est communiter tenta et reputata ut dicit. Ad iii partem dicit et concordat cum eius marito superius examinato, hoc addito quod dicit quod dicta Alicia interrogavit prefatum Thomam sic, "Who is your folentine," et ipse respondebat, "you." Prefataque Alicia respondit, "for sothe and ye be myn." Et hoc mutato, quod ista jurata non exivit domum predicta una [cum] dicto Thoma sed dicit quod Ricardus eius maritus et dictus Thomas simul exierunt eadem ut dicit. Ad iiiitam partem, dicit prout superius dixit. Et aliter nescit deponere de contentis in eadem. [Ad] vtam dicit et concordat cum eius marito superius examinato.