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#101: Office  c.  (no linked record)- Witness for Plaintiff, 1488-07-15
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 16r
summaryTestifies that on 5 June 1488 he hired Richard Orme to remove tiles from a house to prepare it for an anchorite. Testifies that he in no way ordered them to demolish the house, and that he woke the following morning and heard that one man was killed in the demolition of the house.
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15 July

William Mendham, sworn, questioned, and examined, that on the last feast of Corpus Christi[1], this witness hired Richard Orme to tear down [tiles] from an anchorite`s house so that it could serve as the enclosure for an anchorite to be enclosed by the lord bishop of London, until he could obtain grace from the lord king and the lord bishop of London to obtain a house for his mother, to be enclosed there and all others to be excluded. And he agreed to 1[.. s.] 4d with the tiler, and for the sake of earnest he gave him 12 [d]. And he was present in the night together with Harrison when the tiles were taken down, and he ordered them that in no way should they demolish [the house], and he left them, and in the morning he heard that one of them was killed in the demolition of the house, concerning which he greatly grieved, as he says.
xv Julii.

Willelmus Mendham juratus interrogatus et examinatus quod in festo corporis Christi ultimo preterito iste juratus conduxit Ricardum Orme ad evellendum et deponendum [tegulas] a domo anachorite ea intencione quod disservet ut inclusionis unius anachorite includende per dominum episcopum London quousque obtineret graciam a domino Rege et a domino Episcopo London ad obtinendum [..] domum pro matre sua ibidem includenda et alia excludenda et convenit x[..] iiiid. cum eodem tegulatore et nomine arre dedit sibi xii. Et presens e[rat] in nocte una cum Harrison quando dicte tegule deponebatur et mandavit eis quod nullo modo demolirentur et recessit ab eisdem et in m[ane] audivit dici quod unus illorum demoliencium dictam domum erat occis[us] de qua multum doluit ut dicit.
[1] I.e. 5 June 1488