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#283: Sir John Manyngham  c.  Edmund Caryngton  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1492-12-04
soft dates4 Dec. 1492
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 120v
summaryTestifies that before the end of September 1491 in the cemetery of St. Katherine Cree he heard Edmund Caryngton promise Sir John Manyngham he would pay 20s by Easter 1492.
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placenamesLondon - St. Katherine Cree  London - St. Peter Westcheap 
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4 December, in the Consistory place, by the lord Official, in my, Richard Spencer`s, presence

On behalf of John Manyngham against Edmund Caryngton

John Palmer of the parish of St. Katherine Cree of the city of London, where he has lived for seven years, and before that time in the parish of St. Peter Westcheap for sixteen years and more, illiterate, of free condition, fifty years old, as he says. Inducted as a witness etc., he says that he has known Sir John Manyngham for six or seven years or thereabouts, and Edmund Caryngton he first saw and knew on a certain day about which he will depose below, before the feast of last Easter, which day he cannot further specify. To the first article, he says that on a certain day about the middle of the year, before Michaelmas[1] a year ago, which day he cannot further specify, in the morning about nine o`clock, this witness was present in the cemetery of the aforesaid parish church of St. Katherine, together with Sir John Manyngham, Richard Woodlake, Richard Knyght, and Edmund Caryngton, and a certain Christopher whose surname this witness does not know. After many things were discussed between them, Edmund Caryngton promised Sir John, giving his faith with handfasting, saying, "I promise you by my faith and troth to pay you twenty shillings by Easter next coming." And to its other contents he has nothing to depose. To the second and third articles, he says that has nothing to testify regarding its contents. To the fourth article, he says that he cannot testify whether he is of the parish of St. Michael or not, because he had never seen him except on the day and place about which he testified above. To the fifth article, he says that what he said above is true, and he has nothing to testify regarding the fame.
iiiito decembris, loco consistorie London, per dominum Officialem in presencia mei Ricardi Spencer

Ex parte domini Johannis Manyngham contra Edmundum Caryngton

Johannes Palmer de parochia sancte Katerine Crychurch civitatis London, ubi moram traxit per vii annos et ante illus tempus in parochia sancti Petri in Chepe per xvi annos et amplius, illiteratus, libere condicionis, lta annorum etatis et amplius ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod dominum Johannem Manyngham per vi vel vii annos vel circiter, et Edmundum Caryngton quodam die de quo inferius depositurus est primo vidit et novit ut dicit, ante festum pasche ultimum preteritum quem diem nescit iste juratus specificare primo vidit et novit. Ad primum articulum, dicit quod quodam die contingente circiter dimidium anni, ante festum Michaelis ultimo preterito ad annum elapsum, quem diem aliter nescit iste juratus specificare, ante meridiem eiusdem [diei] circiter horam ixnam, presens fuit iste juratus in cimiterio dicte ecclesie parochialis sancte Katerine predicte, una cum dicto domino Johanne Mannyngham, Ricardo Woodlake, Ricardo Knyght, et Edmundo Caryngton, et quodam Christofero, cuius cognomen nescit iste juratus exprimere, ubi et quando post diversa communicata inter eosdem, prefatus Edmundus Caryngton promisit dicto domino Johanne per fidem suam mediam in manibus suis, sic dicendo, "I promise you bi my feith and trouth to pay you xx s. by Ester next comyng." Et ad alia contenta in eodem nescit deponere ut dicit. Ad ii et iii articulos, dicit quod nescit deponere de contentis in eisdem. Ad iiiitum articulum, dicit quod nescit deponere aut sit de parochia sancti Michaelis vel non, quia nunquam vidit eundem nisi die et loco de quibus superius deposuit. Ad vtum articulum, dicit quod superius per eum dicta sunt vera, et de fama nescit deponere.
[1] 29 Sept.