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#424: Office  c.  Master Richard Blodywell  - Response of Defendant, 1494-07-14
soft dates14 July 1494
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 210rv
summaryResponds regarding a dispute amongst commissary court functionaries over the alleged forgery of a suspension.
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placenamesLondon - St. Paul`s Cathedral  London - St. Margaret Lothbury 
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Responses personally made by Master Richard Blodywell, doctor of laws

To the first interrogatory, he responds negatively, because he was not in the city for a month before and after. To the second interrogatory, he says that after his coming to the city, the rector of the church of St. Margaret Lothbury met him in the cloister of St. Paul`s church, in the presence of two of his servants and another two servants of the reverend father, the bishop of London. The rector said to him in English the following words, “Sir, ye sent me a suspension for a woman of my parish,” to whom Master Richard responded, “I know it not, for I was from home all this month, and if it came out of my court, I am sure ye have executed it.” The rector said, “Nay, marry, have I not, for there is a busy fellow, a broad-faced and simple, and I trust his name is Mareys, and maketh his avaunt[1] that he is proctor of the arches,[2] for he send me his man with an English bill[3] to let[4] the execution thereof.” Master Richard said to him, “And will ye let to do the execution for an English bill? I see well the older ye be of age, the more foolish ye be. Ye shall appear before my lord upon a contempt.” And then the rector answered, “I will I were out of the world, for I am tossed from post to pillar that I cannot tell what to do, for because I would not deliver your suspension to his man, Mareys himself came in to my church and took it out of my hand violently, saying to me these words, `saving one thing, I would teach thee to know me`." And immediately afterwards Master Richard in the presence of all those standing around [said], “A false harlot in my absence counterfeited my seal, for if I had been at home he would not have done it for his head, for I would, rather than twenty nobles,[5] that ye had the English bill that I might have seen it, for I should indeed think it was some old suspension which he got for to let the execution of my commandment,” and immediately he sent William, his kinsman, for Master Mareys. To the third interrogatory, he responds as above. To the fourth interrogatory, he responds as above. To the fifth interrogatory, he admits that he sent for Mareys by Master Richard Spencer`s servant, whose name he did not know then and does not know now. To the sixth and seventh interrogatories, he says that immediately after Master Mareys entered Master Richard Spencer`s home at Master Richard Blodywell`s instigation, the same Master Richard spoke these words in English, “I have sent for thee twice, and thou wouldst not at my sending, but thou coudst make a false inhibition in English in my absence. I will make thee wear a paper if thou and I live." Then Mareys said, “Yea marry, my name is Mareys and that I will ye know it." Then Master Richard said, “Thou will have me to call thee Master Marreys after thy falsehood done? I will call thee Master when I call the keeper of my whores." Then Master Richard Spencer responded and said these words or ones similar to them, “Master Doctor, I pray you peace, and give him no such words in my house, for I sent for him, for when he is in your house, say to him what you will." And immediately Master Mareys said in English, “Ah, sir, ye call me false knave, I will ye know it I am as good as ye, saving your doctorship," with his finger pointing at Master Richard. Then Master Richard said, “Hold your finger [...] to hold [...] face." And immediately they attacked one another and concerning this affair this witness did nothing further and he makes reference concerning it to all those who were standing around at the time. To the eighth interrogatory, he says that he never heard about any inhibition up until the day of his appearance in the place of the Consistory, and after leaving the house of the official, he met with the rector of Lothbury, and the rector said to master Richard these words in English, "Master Doctor, I have had much ado for this inhibition," and Master Richard responded, "Care not for it, I shall te[...] to forge an inhibition in my absence," and the rector said, "Nay, sir, I had two inhibitions, one in Latin sealed and another in English unsealed, and that I told you before." Then Master Richard said, "Ah, now I am sped[6] that Master Mareys said truth, that ye be but peevish and falsely ye lie, for ye never told me but of the English inhibition and that I report me to them that were there present." Then the rector said, "Yes, I told you of it, but ye were so angry and moved that ye took no heed to my saying." Then Master Richard said, "By God, ye told me never but of the English bill and that I report me, as above. And moreover ye said that I was made party therein, and that was the cause that he will not let either his writing nor mine, to bide with you for to be seen." And to its other contents he answers as above. To the ninth interrogatory, he says that he would never have prompted Master Richard to send for Mareys unless he had thought that Master Mareys had fabricated a false inhibition in his absence. And to the other things he responds as above. To the tenth interrogatory, he responds negatively, and if the inhibition was [sent?] from another superior court and especially from the court of his lord, he was still not sure about that inhibition [......] never saw.
Responsiones personaliter facte per Magistrum Ricardum Blodwell legum doctorem

Ad primum interrogatorium, respondet negative, quia non fuit in civitate per unam mensem ante et post. Ad ii interrogatorium, dicit quod post adventum suum ad civitatem, Rector ecclesie sancte Margarete de Lothbury dedit sibi obviam infra claustrum ecclesie sancti Pauli in presencia duorum familiarum suorum et aliorum duorum familiarum Reverendi patris London Episcopi, cui dictus Rector dixit in anglicis hec verba sequencia, videlicet, "Sir, ye sent me a suspension for a woman of my paryssh," cui respondebat dictus Magister Ricardus, "I know itt nott, for I was from home all this moneth, and yff it came owt of my courte, I ame Suer ye have executed itt." Dictus Rector dixit, "Nay, mary, have I nott, for ther is a besy fellow, a brod faced and simple, and I trow his name is Mareys, and maketh his advant that he proctor of the arches, for he send me his mane with an englissh bill to let the execucion therof," cui dixit dictus Magister Ricardus, "and wull ye let to do the execucion for any Englyssh bill, I se well the older ye be of age the more folessh ye be, ye shall apere a for my lord upon an contempt." Et tunc dictus Rector respondit, "I wul I wer owt of the world for I ame toste from post to piller þt I canne nott tell what to doo, for be cause I wuld nott delyver your suspension to his mane, Mareys hym self came in to my church and toke itt owt of my hand violently, seying to me thes wurdes, `savyng oon thing I wuld teche the to know me`." Et immediate post hec dictus Magister Ricardus in presencia omnium circumstancium [dixit], "A fals harlott in my absens a counterfett my seale, for and I had ben att home he wuld nott have doon itt, for his hede, for I hadd lever than xx nobyll that ye hadd the Englyssh byll that I myȝth have seen itt, for I wull well itt was sum old suspension wiche he gate for to lett the execucion of my commandementt," [fol. 210v] et immediate misit Willelmum consanguineum suum pro Magistro Mareys. Ad iii interrogatorium, respondit ut supra. Ad iiii interrogatorium, respondit prout superius dixit. Ad vtum interrogatorium, fatetur et dicit quod misit pro Mareys per famulum Magistri Ricardi Spencer, cuius nomen penitus ignoravit et ad huc ignorat in presenti. Ad sextum et vii interrogatoria, dicit quod immediate postquam Magister Mareys intravit domum Magistri Ricardi Spencer ad procuracionem dicti Magistri Ricardi Blodwell, idem Magister Ricardus protulit sibi ista verba in anglicis, videlicet, "I have sentt for the twyes, and thow wuldyst nott att my sendyng, but thow cowdest make a fals inhibicion in englyssh in my absens. I wull make the were a paper and thow and I leve." Tunc dixit Mareys, "Ye, mary, my name is Mares and that I wul ye know itt," tunc dixit Magister Ricardus, "Thow wult have me to calle the Master Marreys after thy falsod done? I wull call the Master whan I call the keper of my hoors." Tunc dixit et respondit Magister Ricardus Spencer hec verba seu in effectu consimilia, "Master Doctor, I prey yow pees and yeve him no such wurdes in my house, for I sent for hym for whan he is in yowr house sey to hym what ye wull." Et incontinenter dixit Magister Mareys in anglicis, "A, sir, ye call me fals knave, I wull ye know itt I am a good as ye savyng yowr doctorshippe," cum suo digito signando dictum Magistrum Ricardum. Tunc dixit Magister Ricardus, "tene tecum digitum tuum a[..]te faciam tenere," et incontinenter insimul inccurrebant et hoc re non aliter fecit iste juratus et ad hoc refert se ad omnes tunc temporis circumstantes ut dicit. Ad viii interrogatorium, dicit quod nunquam audivit de aliqua inhibicione usque illam diem sue comparicionis in loco Consistorio et post suum recessum versus domum officii obviavit sibi Rector de Lothbury qui Rector protulit dicto Magistro Ricardo hec verba in anglicis, "Master Doctor, I have hadd muche a doo for this inhibicion," cui respondit Magister Ricardus, "Care nott for itt, I shal te[…] to forge an inhibicion in my absence," cui dixit Rector, "Nay, sir, I hadd ii inhibicions, on in Laten sealed and another in englyssh onsealed and that I told yow a for." Tunc dixit dictus Magister Ricardus, "a now I ame sped that Master Mareys seid trouth, that ye be butt peivyssh and falsly ye lye for ye never told me but of the Englyssh inhibicion and that I reporte me to them that wer ther present." Tunc dixit dictus Rector, "Yes I told yow of itt but ye wer so angry and moved that ye toke no hed to my seyng." Tunc dixit dictus Magister Ricardus, "Be god, ye told me never butt of þe englyssh bill and that I reporte me, ut supra. And morover ye seid that I was made party therin and that was the cause that he wull nott let nother his wrytyng nor myn to byde with yow for to be seen," et ad alia contenta respondit ut supra. Ad ix interrogatorium, dicit quod non procurasset Magistrum Ricardum mississe pro Mareys nisi cogitasset eundum Magistrum Mares falsam inhibicionem fabricasse in sua absencia. Et ad alia respondit ut supra. Ad x interrogatorium, respondit negative et si de alia curia superiori huiusmodi inhibicio [...]tum fuisset et precipue de curia domini sui ne ad huc certum est de huiusmodi inhibicione [.......] nunquam vidit.
[1] avaunt: boast (OED, s.v.).

[2] The Court of Arches, an ecclesiastical court which sat at the London parish church of St. Mary le Bow (de Arcubus). It had appelate jurisdiction from ecclesiastical courts within the province of Canterbury, as well as jurisdiction over parishes in the city of London under jurisdiction of the archbishop of Canterbury.

[3] bill: a document, in this case a legal document.

[4] let: to desist (OED, s.v. let, v.2).

[5] Noble: A coin (originally gold) valued at 6s. 8d (half a mark) (OED, s.v. noble B.2.a).

[6] sped: finished, defeated (OED, s.v. speed, v., I.9.c).