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#425: John Brode  c.  Maude Purfote  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1494-07-18
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 211rv
summaryTestifies that he witnessed a future contract between John Brode and Maude Purfote, Nov.-Dec. 1493.
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placenamesHertfordshire - Latton Bush  Hertfordshire - Sawbridgeworth 
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18 July, by the lord Official in the cathedral church of St. Paul, London, in my, Richard Grome`s, presence

On behalf of Brode c. Purfote

Thomas Vance of Sawbridgeworth, London diocese, where he has lived for thirty years, literate, of free condition, fifty years old as he says. Sworn as a witness etc., he says that [he has known] John Brode from the time of his birth and Maude Purfote from the time of her childhood. To the first and second articles, he says that on a certain day between the feasts of All Hallows[1] and Christmas last past, which day he cannot otherwise specify, this witness was present in his own house at Sawbridgeworth together with William Cokke, Thomas Wryght, John Broode, and Maude Purfote. There and then after many things had been discussed between John and Maude about contracting marriage together, and after the discussion was finished, this witness asked John whether he would take Maude as his wife, and John responded that he would have her as his wife. And similarly this witness asked Maude whether she would have him as her husband or not, and she answered that she would have him as her husband. And then at the request of this witness they held hands and then this witness said to John in English these words or others similar in effect, “John Brode, will ye Maude to your wife, and keep as a man ought to do his wife during your life?” And he responded, “Yea, by my faith and my troth.” And thus they unclasped their hands and then Maude, as this witness`s request, took John by his right hand and in a similar manner this witness asked her in English, “Maude, will ye have John to your husband, and keep him as woman ought to do your husband?” And she answered, “Yea, by my faith and my troth.” And thus they unclasped their hands and kissed one another. And otherwise he knows nothing to depose concerning its contents. To the third article, he says that its contents are true. To the fourth article, he says that he knows nothing to depose concerning its contents. To the fifth article, he says that its contents are true. To the sixth article, he says that what he said above is true, and that public voice and fame circulated and circulate in the parishes of Sawbridgeworth and Latton and other neighbouring parishes and places.
xviiio Julii, per dominum Officialem in ecclesia Cathedrali sancti Pauli London, in presencia mei Ricardi Grome

Ex parte Brode contra Purfote

Thomas Vance de Sabricheworth, London diocesis, ubi moram traxit per xxxta annos, literatus, libere condicionis, lta annorum etatis ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Johannem Brode a tempore nativitatis sue et Matildem Purforte a tempore puericie sue [bene novit]. Ad primum et secundum articulos, dicit quod quodam die contingente inter festa omnium sanctorum et Natalis domini ultima preterita, quem diem aliter nescit iste juratus specificare, iste juratus presens fuit in domo sua propria apud Sabricheford predicta una cum Willelmo Cokke, Thoma Wryght, Johanne Broode, et Matilde Purfote, ubi et quando post diversa communicata inter eosdem Johannem et Matildem de matrimonio inter eos contrahendo et post communicacionem factam, iste juratus interrogavit dictum Johannem an vellet eandem Matildem ducere in uxorem, et idem Johannes respondit quod vellet habere eam in uxorem. Et simili modo iste juratus interrogavit eandem Matildem an vellet habere eum in maritum vel non, et ipsa respondit quod vellet habere eum in maritum, et tunc ad desiderium istius jurati applicaverunt [manus] suas et tunc iste juratus dixit eidem Johanni in anglicis hec verba subsequencia seu saltem in effectu eis consimilia, "John Brode, wul ye Maude to your wyff, and keep as a mane owt to do his wyf duryng your lyff?" Et ipse respondit, "Ye, by my feith and my trouth." Et sic retraxerunt manus et tunc dicta Matilda ad desiderium istius jurati accepit dictum Johannem per manum dextram et modo consimili iste juratus dixit eidem in anglicis, "Maude, wul ye have John to your husbond, and kepe hym as woman owte to do your husband?" Et ipsa respondit, "Ye be my feith and my trouth." Et sic retraxerunt manus et osculati sunt adinvicem. Et aliter nescit deponere de contentis in eisdem. Ad iii articulum , dicit quod continet in se veritatem. [fol. 211v] Ad iiiitum articulum, dicit quod nescit deponere de contentis in eodem. Ad quintum articulum dicit quod continet in se veritatem. Ad sextum articulum, dicit quod superius per eum dicta sunt vera et super eis in parrochiis de Sabrichford et Latton ac aliis parrochiis et locis eisdem convicinis et circumvicinis laboraverunt et laborant publica vox et fama ut dicit.
[1] 1 Nov.