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#44: Richard Crocheman  c.  William Baldewyn  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1487-07-28
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 27r
summaryTestifies that he was present about six weeks before when, in the company of Thomas Broke and himself, William Baldewyn defamed Richard Crocheman by calling him a thief; when told to be careful before making such accusations, Baldewyn responded saying he would prove Crocheman was a thief. Testifies that he repeated his accusation two weeks later in the presence of John Frost, William Clerk, Thomas Broker the Elder, and Thomas Broker the Younger. Testifies that Baldewyn also frequently repeated these words while eating and drinking, and that Crocheman`s reputation fell as a result.
subjectsDefamation as thief 
placenamesEssex - Dagenham  London - St. Paul`s Cathedral  Essex - Barking 
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On behalf of Crocheman c. Baldewyn

28 July by Master John Millet, in my, Spencer`s, presence

William Bruges of the parish of Barking, London diocese, where he has lived for forty years, illiterate, of free condition, almost fifty years old, as he says. Inducted as a witness etc., he says that he has known Richard Crocheman for thirty years, and William Baldewyn for twenty years. To the first, second, and third articles of the libel, he says that their contents are true. To the fourth and fifth articles of the libel, [he says] that on a certain Saturday about six weeks ago, which day he cannot otherwise specify, this witness was present in the parish of Dagenham, that is in the yard pertaining to John the butcher`s dwelling-house, together with William Baldewyn and Thomas Broke. The aforesaid men were talking there amongst themselves about Richard Crocheman, and William Baldewyn said about him, "he took a sheep out of my fold and he is a thief." And this witness said to him that he should consider carefully before saying such a thing, and then William said, "By God, I will prove him a thief." And he says that around a month ago, in the cathedral church of St. Paul in London, William, in the presence of John Frost, William Clerk, Thomas Broke the elder, and Thomas Broke the younger, said that he would prove Richard Crochman a thief. This witness deposes these things from his own sight and hearing, as he says. And he says that he heard many people saying that many times, while eating and drinking, in the presence of many people, he repeated these words, saying that he would prove him a thief. To the sixth article, he said that because of the speaking of the aforesaid words, he believes in his conscience that the status and good fame of Richard fell, and that many serious persons spoke badly of him, and that this was after this day and because of the speaking of those words, from his knowledge. And otherwise he knows nothing concerning its contents. To the seventh article, he says that what he deposed above is true and that public voice and fame circulated and circulate concerning it in the parish of Dagenham and in other neighbouring places, as he says.
[fol. 27r] Ex parte Crocheman contra Baldewyn

xxviii die Julii per Magistrum Johannem Millet, in presencia mei Spencer

Willelmus Bruges de parrochia de Berkyng , London diocesis, ubi moram traxit per xlta annos, illiteratus, libere condicionis, fere lta annorum etatis ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Ricardum Crocheman per xxx annos, Willelmum Baldewyn per xxti annos bene novit ut dicit. Ad primum, secundum, et tercium articulos dicti libelli, dicit quod continent in se veritatem. Ad iiii et vtum articulos dicti libelli, [dicit] quod quodam die sabbati contigenti circiter sex septimanas elapsas, quem diem aliter specificare nescit, presens fuit iste juratus infra parrochia de Daginham , videlicet in le Ȝerd pertinentem domi habitacionis Johannis le carnificis, presens fuit iste juratus unacum dictis Willelmo Baldewyn, Thoma Broke, ubi et quando, prefatis habita communicacione inter esodem de Richard Crowchman, idem Willelmus Baldewyn dixit de eodem sic, "he toke shepe owt of my fold and he is a thef." Et iste juratus dixit sibi quod bene secum deliberaret antequam diceret huiusmodi, et tunc dictus Wilellmus dixit, "by god, I wul preve him a thef." Et dicit quod circiter mensem ultimum elapsum in ecclesia cathedrali sancti Pauli London idem Willelmus in presencia Johannis Frost, Willelmi Clerk, Thome Broke senioris, et Thome Broke junioris, dixit quod vellet probare dictum Ricardum Crochman furem. Que deponit iste juratus de visu et auditu suis propriis ut dicit. Et dicit quod audivit diversas personas dicentes quod idem diversis vicibus in prandiis et potantibus factis in presencia nonnullarum personarum repeciit eadem verba, dicens quod vellet probare eum furem. Ad vi articulum, dicit quod pretextu et occasione prolacionis verborum predictorum credit in consciencia sua quod status et bona fama eiusdem Ricardi leduntur et gravantur et diverse graves persone obloquuntur de eodem et quod post diem et [..........] pretextu prolacionis huiusmodi verborum de sciencia sua. Et aliter nescit deponere de contentis in eodem. Ad vii articulum, dicit quod superius per eum deposita sunt vera et super eis in dicta parrochia de Dagenham et aliis locis convicinis laboraverunt et laborant publica vox et fama ut dicit.
[1] Barking, Essex.
[2] Dagenham, Essex.