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#51: Office  c.  Sir Richard Wodehous  Agnes Wilson  - Response of Defendant, 1487-07-30
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 37r
summaryAdmits that on 8 July or 20 July 1487 Sir Richard was in her house in the middle of the night and then arrested by local men, but denies anything untoward happened, adding that her adolescent sons had been present the whole time.
subjectsCleric involved in sexual misbehaviour  Arrest for sexual misbehaviour 
placenamesMiddlesex - Staines 
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Agnes Wilson sworn etc. To the first and second articles, she admits their contents. To the third and fourth articles, she admits their contents. To the fifth and sixth articles, she says that on the feast of St. Margaret [1], between the hours of two and three after the middle of the night, Sir Richard Wodehous came to her house and they gossiped together in her kitchen in the presence of two of her children, of whom one was sixteen and the other thirteen, and then Sir Richard went up to a certain upper chamber to look inside a chest in which, as this witness had told him, was a charter of the free gift of all the goods of her husband. In neither this chamber nor in any other was this witness alone with him, but Richard her son of thirteen years was with the vicar in the chamber. And afterwards after he looked at it for a good while, this witness at the door of the chamber asked him whether [...] and he answered no. And to all the other contents in them she responds negatively. To the seventh article, she says that she heard that certain people, that is Peter Olyver [...], Roger Nott, William Ruttour draper, seized this vicar leaving the house of this witness about four o`clock, and led him to John Clerk. And to the rest she responds negatively. To the eighth article, she responds negatively to all its contents. To the ninth article, she responds negatively to all its contents. To the tenth article, she admits its contents. And that from what Peter Olyver and the others said, on the same day the lord assigned to the woman to purge herself on the vigil of the exaltation of the holy Cross [2] before him or his commissary in the church of Staines with the hands of seven of her honest women neighbours.Agnes Wilson jurata et cetera. Ad primum et ii articulum, fatetur contenta in eisdem. Ad tercium, iiii articulos, fatetur contenta in eisdem. Ad vtum, vi articulos, dicit quod in festo sancte Margarete inter horas 2am et terciam post mediam nocte, dictus dominus Ricardus Wodehous accessit ad domum istius jurate et fabulabantur simul in coquina in presencia duorum prolium istius jurate quarum una erat xvi et aliter xiii, et deinde idem dominus Ricardus accessit ad quandam cameram altam ad inspiciendam cistam in qua ut asseruit ista jurata erat carta libere donacionis omnium bonorum mariti istius jurate, in qua nec in aliqua alia ista jurata erat sola cum solo, sed Ricardus filius istius jurate xiii annorum erat cum dicto vicario in dicta camera. Et postquam ibidem aloquamdiu scrutatorem ista jurata ad ostium dicte camere interrogavit eum an [...] dictam qui respondebat quod non. Et ad alia singula contenta in eisdem respondet negative. Ad vii articulum, dicit quod audivit dici quod certe persone, videlicet Petrus Olyver [...], Rogerus Nott, Willelmus Ruttour, draper, ceperunt dictum vicarium exeundem domum istius jurate circiter horam iiiitam et adduxerunt eum ad Johannem Clerk. Et ad alia respondet negative. Ad viii articulum, respondet negative ad singula contenta in eodem. Ad ix articulum, respondet negative ad singula contenta in eodem. Ad xmum articulum, fatetur contenta in eodem. Et quod ex dictis Petri Olyver et aliorum, eodem die dominus assignavit mulieri ad purgandum se in vigilio exaltacionis sancte Crucis coram eo vel commissario in ecclesia de Stanes se vii manu vicinarum suarum honestarum.
[1] Likely the feast of St. Margaret, virgin and martyr, 20 Jul.; could be the feast of St. Margaret, queen, 8 Jul.

[2] I.e. 13 Sept. (the feast was 14 Sept.).