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#61: John Calle  c.  Elizabeth Hertford  - Witness for Plaintiff, 1487-12-14
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, 41rv
summaryTestifies that he was present when Elizabeth Hertford defamed John Calle by calling him a cuckold and a thief, and that Calle`s reputation was harmed as a result.
subjectsDefamation (sexual) 
placenamesMiddlesex - Highbury  Middlesex - Islington 
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On behalf of John Call c. Elizabeth Hertford

14 December in the house of the lord Official in Spencer`s presence

Hugh Pare of the parish of Islington, where he was born and where he has lived since his birth, literate, of free condition, twenty-five years old, as he says. Inducted as a witness etc., he says that he has known John Call for seven years and Elizabeth Hertford for two years or thereabouts. To the fifth article of the libel, he says that on a certain Sunday about eight weeks ago and as he beileves on the Sunday eight weeks ago, this witness was crossing from his house towards Highbury by the doorway of the house of John Call, and next to the doorway of the house he saw Elizabeth standing and looking into the doorway of the house and saying to John standing in the entry, "Thou false whoreson, thou false thief, thou maintainer of thieves, thou cockold, thou whoreson cuckold." And many times since then, Elizabeth, in the house of Edward Tailour at Islington, said before this witness and Edward Tailour, "By God`s body, he is no better than a cuckold." This witness deposes these things from his own sight and hearing, as he says. To the sixth article, he says that because of the saying of these words, John is held in lesser opinion and reputation among his neighbours, and this he knows because he has heard many of them saying "these words come not of nought." And since the saying of these words, many honest people avoid his company who before the speaking of them used to converse with him frequently, according to his knowledge, as he says. To the seventh article, he says as far as he ever knew or heard its contents are true. To the eighth article, he says that the things he said above are true and that public voice and fame circulated and circulate concerning them in the parish of Islington and other neighbouring places, as he says.
Ex parte Johannis Call contra Elisabeth Hertford

xiiii decembris in domo domini officialis in presencia Spencer

Hugo Pare de parrochia de Iseldon , ubi fuit oriundus et moram suam traxit a tempore nativitatis sue, literatus, libere condicionis, xxv annorum etatis ut dicit. Testis et cetera, dicit quod Johannem Call per vii et Elisabeth Hertford per ii annos vel circiter bene novit ut dicit. Ad vtm articulum dicti libelli, dicit quod quodam die dominico contingente circiter viii septimanas elapsas et ut credit die dominico ad viii septimanas elapsas, contigit istum juratum transire a domo sua propria versus Highbury per ostium domus dicti Johannis Call, et juxta ostium dicte domus vidit dictam Elisabeth stantem et inspicientem per ostium dicte domus et dicentem dicto Johanne stanti in introitu eiusdem, "thou fals horeson, thou fals thef, thou mayntener of thefis, thou cocold, thou horson cocold." Et multis vicibus citra Elisabeth in domo Edwardi Tailour apud Iselden dixit coram isto jurato et Edwardo Tailour, "By godes body, he is no better than a Cocold." Que deponit iste juratus de visu et auditu suis propriis ut dicit. Ad vi articulum, dicit quod pretextu et occasione prolacionis dictorum verborum, prefatus Johannes est minoris opinionis et reputacionis apud vicinos suos, et hoc scit eo [quod] audivit diversos eorundem communicantes et dicentes, "these wordis cum not of noght." Et citra prolacionem verborum eorundem nonnulle honeste persone evitarunt eius consorcium qui ante prolacionem eorundem solebant cum eodem mult[..] conversari de sciencia sua ut dicit. Ad vii articulum, dicit quod continet in se veritatem quatenus unquam scivit vel audivit ut dicit. [fol. 41v] Ad viii articulum, dicit quod superius per eum dicta sunt vera et super eis in dicta parrochia de Iseldon et aliis locis eidem convicinis et circumvicinis laboraverunt et laborant publica vox et fama ut dicit.