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#70: Alice Parker  c.  Richard Tenwinter  - Response of Defendant, 1488-01-22
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 2r
summaryResponds that on 9 December 1487 he, along with Robert Adcok, went to Alice Parker`s house, where he stayed the night. Admits to both having said he would marry her "as well as he can," meaning that he would have sex with her; frequently since then he has had sex with her.
subjectsPremarital fornication 
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Responses personally made by Richard Tenwinter 22 January, in the church of St. Paul, London, before the lord Official in my, Spencer`s, presence

Richard Tenwinter sworn etc. on the positions etc. To the first, second, and third positions, he says that Alice Parker repeatedly urged this witness that he should come to her house and at last, that is on Sunday after the feast of the conception of the blessed Mary[1] in the evening, he went to Alice`s house together with Robert Adcok. After they came, Alice led this witness to her room, leaving Robert in the hall, and then this witness said to her thus, "I pray, let me lodge here all night." She responded that she did not dare do this because of fear of the butcher who was accustomed to rise early in the morning, as she asserted. And then this witness said that the butchers would not see him. And she said, "Will ye wed me?" And then this witness said "I will wed you as well as I can," meaning that he would know her carnally, and thus this witness slept that night with her in the chamber and since then and he frequently knew her carnally. And otherwise he does not believe the contents of the positions. To the fourth position, he does not believe it. To the fifth position, he believes what is believed and does not believe what is not believed, and he does not believe the fame.
Responsiones personaliter facte per Ricardum Tenwinter xxii Januarii ecclesia sancti Pauli London, coram domino Officiali in presencia mei Spencer

Ricardus Tenwinter juratus et cetera super posicionibus et cetera. Ad primam et secundam et terciam posiciones dicit quod dicta Alicia Parker [..] et iteratus vicibus instancias fecit huic jurato ut accederet ad eius do[mum] et tandem videlicet die dominico proximo sequenti festum concepcionis beate Marie ultimum in cero accessit ad domum dicte Alicie una cum Roberto Adcok ad quam cum veni[ssent] prefata Alicia duxit istum juratum in cameram suam, dicto Roberto in aula, et tunc iste juratus dixit eidem sic, "I pray let me logge her al nyght." Ipsa respondebat quod non ausa est hoc facere propter metum carnifici qui solebat mane surgere ut asseruit. Et iste juratus dixit quod dicti carnifices non viderint eum. Et ipsa sic dixit, "Wil ye wedde me?" Et tunc iste juratus dixit sic, "I w[il] wedde you as wel as I can," innuendo quod ipsam carnaliter cognosceret et sic iste juratus eadem nocte dormivit cum ea in dicta camera eadem nocte et citra et eandem sepius carnaliter cognovit. Et alia contenta in eisdem posicionibus non credit. Ad iiiitam posicionem non credit. Ad vtam posicionem credit credita et non credit non credita et famam non cred[it].
[1] I.e. 9 Dec. 1487 (the feast day of the conception of the Virgin was 8 Dec.)