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#72: Margaret Niter, Agnes Skern  c.  Piers Curtes  - Witness for Competitor Suit, 1488-01-24
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 2v-3r
summaryTestifies that after interrogating both parties regarding their intentions towards one another, about 9 October 1486 she witnessed a future tense contract between her daughter Agnes Skern and Piers Curtes. Testifies that she prevented them from sleeping together that night. Testifies that Skern and Curtes exchanged rings, that after the contract Curtes frequently referred to Skern as his wife, and that he “ laboured diligently to recuperate certain lands and tenements” that belonged to [Robert] Skern, Agnes`s previous husband.
subjectsParental consent 
placenamesLondon - St. Nicholas Cole Abbey 
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On behalf of Agnes Skern c. Curtes

[2]4 January, before Master Thomas Ian, in Beatrice Stoughton`s home, [in my,] Spencer`s, presence

Beatrice Stoughton, widow of the parish of St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, where she has lived for the greater part of her life, sixty-three years old. She has known Agnes Skern, this witness`s daughter, from the time of her birth, Piers Curtes for twenty years. To the first and second articles of the libel, she says that many times between the feasts of Easter and the feast of St. Denis[1] last past a year ago, the aforesaid Piers Curtes had frequent recourse to the house of this witness and he had many and diverse discussions with this witness and Agnes Skern about contracting marriage between him and Agnes. And Agnes referred herself to this witness`s will. And finally around the feast of St. Denis this witness, in the presence of Piers and Agnes in her dwelling-house, said to Piers, "Ye have made labour many days to have my daughter. She hath put her will to mine." And thus she said in the same place, "Be ye the man that intend to have my daughter to your wife?" And he said, "Yea, by my faith." And similarly this witness said to her daughter, "Intend you to have this man to your husband?" And she said, "Ye, forsooth." This witness said, "I pray God give you joy together." Then Piers gave to Agnes a ring saying, "I give you this by way of matrimony." And Agnes gave to Peter another ring saying, "I give you this by way of matrimony." And he kissed her twenty times and said, "Ye be my wife before God." And she said, "Ye be my husband before God." And that night Piers spent the night in this witness`s house and wanted to have Agnes in his bed, saying, "Ye be my wife before God," but this witness forbade it and separated her from him through the whole night. To the third article, she says as she said above. And she says that both before and after that day Piers gave to Agnes several rings. And Agnes, in return, gave Piers rings. To the fourth article, she says that on several occasions since that said day Piers named Agnes as his wife and laboured diligently to recuperate certain lands and tenements belonging to the late Skern, the husband of Agnes. To the fifth article, she says that the things she said above are true and that she heard from many people that they were and are husband and wife. To the first interrogatory, she says as she said above. And to its other contents she responds negatively. To the second interrogatory, she says that the conversation and the giving of the rings took place in the chamber over the kitchen, none others being present but the three. And otherwise she has nothing to depose concerning its contents. To the third interrogatory, she responds negatively to all its contents. To the fourth interrogatory, she says that she heard from another that the same Margaret has prosecuted Piers in the Consistory of London, and she cares not about the victory but wishes justice to be done and not otherwise.
Ex parte Agnetis Skern contra Curtes

[..]iiiito Januarii, [coram] Magistro T Ian, in domo [B]eatricis Stokdon, [.] presencia Spencer

Beatrix Stoughton, vidua de parrochia sancti Nicholai Coldabbey, London, ubi moram traxit per maiorem partem vite sue, lxiii annorum etatis. Agnetem Skern filiam istius jurate a tempore nativitatis eiusdem, Petrum Curtes per xx annos bene novit ut dicit. Ad primum et secundum articulos dicti libelli, dicit quod diversis vicibus contingentibus inter festa Pasche et festum sancti Dionisii ultima preterita ad annum elapsum, prefatus Petrus Curtes habuit frequentum recursum ad domum istius et multas ac diversas communicaciones habuit cum ista jurata et Agnetem Skern de et super matrimonio contrahendo inter eum et dictam Agnetem. Et dicta Agnes referebat se ad voluntatem istius. Et tandem circiter idem festum sancti Dionisii ista jurata in presencia dicti Petri et Agnetis in domo habitacionis istius jurate dixit dicto Petro, "Ye have made labour many day to have my daughter. She hath put her wil to myn," et sic illa confessa est ibidem, "be ye the man that intend to have my doughter to your wif?" Et ipse dixit, "Ye, by my feith." Et simili modo dixit ista jurata filie sue, videlicet, "Intend you to have this man to your [fol. 3r] husbond?" Et ipsa dicente, "Ye for sothe." Ista jurata dixit, "I pray god yeve you joy to gedir." Et tunc ipse Petrus tradidit dicte Agneti unum anulum dicendo, "I geve you this by the wey of matrimon." Et ipsa Agnes tradidit eidem Petro alium anulum dicendo "I gef you this by the wey of matrimon." Et osculatus est eam vigesi[es] et dixit "Ye be my wif a for god." Et ipsa dixit, "Ye be my husbond afor god." Et eadem nocte pernoctavit idem Petrus in domo istius jurate et desideravit habere eandem Agnetem ad lectum suum, dicendo, "ye be my wif afor god," cui contradixit ista jurata et separavit eam ab e[o] per totam dictam noctem. Ad tercium articulum, dicit prout superius dixit. Et dicit quod tam ante quam post dictum d[iem] dictus Petrus transmisit eidem Agneti diversos annulos. Et ipsa vice ve[rsa] annulos transmisit eidem Petro. Ad iiii articulum, dicit quod diversis vicibus citra dictum diem idem Petrus nomina[vit] eandem Agnetem uxorem suam et laborabat diligenter pro certis terris et te[nementis] pertinentibus olim Skern marito dicte Agnetis recuperandis. Ad vtum articulum, dicit quod superius per eam dicta sunt vera et audi[vit] a nonnullis personis quod fuerunt et sunt vir et uxor. Ad primum interrogatorium, dicit prout superius dixit. Et ad alia contenta in eodem res[pondit] negative. Ad secundum interrogatorium, dicit quod dicte communicacio et tradicio p[redictorum] anulorum erant habite hincinde in camera supra coquina nullis aliis presentis preter ipsos tres. Et aliter nescit deponere de contentis in eodem. Ad iii interrogatorium, respondet negative ad singula contenta in eodem. Ad iiii interrogatorium, dicit quod alio audivit quod eadem Margareta prosecuta est dictum Petrum in Consistorio London, et non curat de victoriam sed desiderat justiciam fieri et non aliter.
[1] 9 Oct.