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#74: William Halley  c.  Agnes Wellis  - Response of Defendant, 1488-01-24
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 3v-4r
summaryAdmits that about January 1487 when Henry Brond asked if she would have William Halley as her husband, she responded yes, but denies that she had any intention to marry him. Admits that she and Halley frequently kissed.
subjectsAmbiguous words of contract 
placenamesLondon - Friday Street 
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Responses personally made by Agnes Wellis, sworn etc. on the positions etc. 24 January in his/her house[1], in Spencer`s presence

Agnes Wellis sworn etc. on the positions etc. To the first position, she admits its contents. To the second position, says that around a year ago, which day she cannot otherwise specify, a certain Henry Brond came to this witness and William Halley, sitting at that time in the parlour of this witness`s mother`s house in Friday Street, and there he asked William why he so frequently came to this place, and he responded and said to him that he had no bad intention in coming to the house, but to have Agnes. Then he asked William, "Will [ye] have this woman?" and he said, "Yea." And then Henry said to this witness, "Will ye have this man," and she said, "Yea, forsooth." Asked by the judge what she meant when she answered that last question, she said that she never intended to have him as her husband. And she does not believe its other contents. To the third position, she says as she said above in the second position, and she does not believe its other contents. To the fourth position, she does not believe its contents except that they often kissed one another. To the fifth position, she does not believe its contents. To the sixth position, she does not believe its contents nor that its contents are true. To the seventh position, she does not believe it. To the eight position, she believes what is believed and not what is not believed.
Responsiones personaliter facte per Agnetem Wellis, jurata et cetera super posicionibus et cetera. xxiiii januarii in domo sua in presencia Spencer.

Agnes Wellis, jurata et cetera super posicionibus, et cetera. Ad primum articulum, fatetur contenta in eodem. Ad secundam posicionem, dicit quod circiter annum elapsum quem diem aliter specificare nescit quidam Henricus Brond accessit ad istam juratam et Willelmum Halley sedentes adtunc in parlura domus matris istius jurate in Frydaystrete et ibidem interrogavit dictum Willelmum quare frequenter accessit ad dictum locum et qui respondebat et dixit eidem quod ob nullam malam intencionem venit ad dictum domum sed ad habendum eandem Agnetem. Et interrogavit Willelmum "wyl [ye] have this woman," et ipse dixit, "ye." Et tunc dictus Henricus dixit huic jurata, "Will ye have this man?" Et ista dixit "ye, for sothe." Interrogata per judicem quid innuebatur respondendo ad ultimam questionem, dicit quod nunquam intendebat habere ipsum in maritum. Et alia contenta in eadem non credit. [fol. 4r] Ad terciam posicionem, dicit prout superius dixit in secundam posicionem et alia c[ontenta] in eadem non credit. Ad iiiitam posicionem, non credit contenta in eadem excepto quod multociens osculati fuit adinvicem. Ad vtam posicionem, non credit contenta in eodem. Ad vitam posicionem, non credit eodem nec contenta in eadem esse vera. Ad viimam posicionem, non credit eandem. Ad viii posicionem, credit credita et non credit non credita.
[1] MS reads "in domo sua"; could be - as in previous depositions in Skern c. Curtes which were taken at witness Beatrice Stoughton`s house - that the deposition was taken in Agnes Wellis`s house; could be in Richard Spencer`s house (although he usually, but not always, refers to himself in the first person); or in the house of the Official taking the deposition, as was most usual.