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#75: Margaret Niter, Agnes Skern  c.  Piers Curtes  - Response of Defendant, 1488-01-26
sourceLondon Metropolitan Archives, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065B, 4r
summaryAdmits to marriage contract with Margaret Niter in Niter`s father`s house, about 14 September 1486, and to marriage contract with Agnes Skern, first in the presence of Ann Frisell and Beatrice Soughton about 9 October 1487, and then again in the presence of the Earl of Oxford, his wife, James Blount, William Noris, Philip Lewis, and others.
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Personal responses made by Piers Curtes, 26 January, in the home of the lord Official, in my, Richard Spencer`s, presence

Piers Curtes sworn etc. on the positions etc. To the first and second positions, he believes their contents. And he says that he contracted around the feast of the exaltation of the Holy Cross [1] in the house of Margaret`s father. But he admits nevertheless that he previously contracted that is around the feast of St. Denis [2] a year ago he contracted marriage with Agnes Skern in the presence of Ann Frisell and Beatrice Stoughton and afterwards in the presence of the Earl of Oxford, his lady wife, James Blount, William Noris, Philip Lewis [3], and others. [4] To the third position, he admits all its contents. To the fourth position, he admits its contents. To the fifth position, he believes what is believed and he believes the fame.
Responsiones personaliter facte per Petrum Curtes xxvito Januarii in domo domini officialis in presencia mei Ricardi Spencer.

Petrus Curtes juratus et cetera super posicionibus et cetera. Ad primam et secundam posiciones credit contenta in eisdem. Et dicit quod contraxit circiter festum exaltacionis sancte Crucis ultimum in domo patris dicte Margarete. Sed fatetur tamen quod prius contraxit videlicet circiter festum sancti Dionisii ad annum elapsum contraxit matrimonium cum Agnete Skern in presencia Anne Frisley et Beatricis Stokden et postmodum in presencia domini Comitis Oxonie, domine eius uxoris, Jacobi Blount, Willelmi Norris, Philippi Lewes et aliorum. Ad iii posicionem, fatetur contenta singula contenta in eodem. Ad iiiitam posicionem, fatetur contenta in eodem. Ad vtam posicionem, credit credita et famam credit.
[1] 14 Sept.

[2] 9 Oct.

[3] John de Vere, the Earl of Oxford was the most powerful man in England after the king in 1488 (see The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography); the other men named were his retainers. Agnes Skern`s late husband Robert Skern had also been one of the Earl of Oxford`s retainers.

[4] This sentence inserted from the margin - indicating possibly that this admission came late in the examination.